The Golf Movement Academy


Transform your body on and off the golf course. A fitness program like you've never seen before!

Do you find yourself wondering which exercises you should be doing to specifically improve your golf game? Are you looking to increase rotation, improve flexibility and add some yards off the tee?

The Golf Movement Academy is a 12 week online coaching program that helps golfers just like you become more mobile, healthy and strong. Beginning with a live video assessment, you are taken through a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) movement screen which pinpoints exactly what limitations and strengths are present. This allows the workouts to be designed specifically to your needs, and the exercises directly correlate to the connection between the body and the golf swing making your workouts golf specific.

How it's different:

The Golf Movement Academy is not your typical workout program. It is a program specifically designed for the needs, limitations and goals of each client. Beginning with a TPI movement screen you will receive information about how your body and golf swing interact as well as how movements in the gym correlate to the swing. As a member you receive extensive one-on-one coaching including assessments, individualized programming, constant communication and accountability. The program is built upon smart, simple and effective training methods that are transferrable between the gym and the golf course. Become a member of a tribe of people just like you that love the game and want to improve their bodies just as much as their handicaps. 

The Golf Movement Academy is improved mobility, increased strength, sustainable health and pain-free golf. It's blowing it past your buddies and shooting your age. It's a habit, a lifestyle, it's an eye opening way to approach exercise. Let's break down the barriers together, let's start THE GOLF MOVEMENT!

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How it works:

Based off of the initial evaluation and your training history, you'll receive 12 weeks of workouts broken down into four modules. With each module you also receive a specialized mobility day, cardio programming, nutrition tips and pre-round warmup exercises.

Each Module builds off of the previous one as we attack mobility and stability, build strength, and increase power. For every exercise there is a corresponding video link that shows you the proper form and highlights coaching cues. At the end of each week we hop on a coaching call to discuss successes, struggles and how we can continue to improve toward your goals. 

Who it's for:

This program is for any golfer. You don't have to be a pro or a scratch player by any means, you just need to be willing to put in the work in order to receive life changing results!

What's included in the program:

-Initial intake Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) movement assessment to analyze limitations, injury prevention and the body/swing connection

-12 week customized workout program

-4 training modules of progressive and periodized training programs

-Weekly training schedules

-Separate mobility and pre round warmup days

-Access to entire exercise video library

-Invitation to private online community

-Weekly coaching & strategy calls

-Nutrition focus points

-Direct access to me



Enrollment is open through 12/6!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Transform your body on and off the course through this 12 week online training program! From an initial movement assessment and evaluation to personalized workouts designed for you, get ready to feel better and play better then you ever have before