The Ultimate Hip Mobility program for Golfers


Raise your hand if you want better hip mobility!

I thought so. Join the club. If you would have told me back in college that I'd move the way I do now I would have laughed at you. But thanks to years of consistent and intentional training, my mobility has improved dramatically and I want to share those same methods and strategies with you!

The benefits of better hips

Many of us sit for large portions of the day and as a result, have tight hips, hamstrings and lower backs. Here's the good news: after going through these exercises, not only will your range of motion improve but you'll also have better flexibility, increased rotation (to hit it further!) and it will dramatically improve the health of your low back and eliminate those nagging aches and pains.

Why the hips are so important

Our body is a series of joints stacked on top of one another. These joints alternate jobs of being mobile and stabile. When a mobile joint, such as the hips, doesn't have full range of motion, the surrounding joints (in this case the lower back) tries to help out. This is what leads to problems, pain and injury. We need the hips to do their job and generate mobility because when the lower back kicks in and tries to help, we have compensation and even worse, we put undue strain on to the lower back which it can't handle.

Details of this program

Keeping this one super simple for you guys, do this program consistently and you will notice the results. These exercises challenge the hips in every range of motion and will get you moving and feeling better than you have in a long time!

No equipment needed

Just simple, effective and efficient ways to train the body and get it moving the way it's supposed to. Do it at the gym, in your living room or before you hit the first tee, wherever is most convenient for you! The program will be sent to your inbox shortly after your purchase!