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Not sure of the best and most efficient ways to train for golf?

It's hard to determine which information is useful and helpful. There is so much out there about this workout or that machine. What is really comes down to is getting the body to move the way it was designed. I coach and educate golfers, companies, country clubs and teams about the best ways to train for golf. Through my programs and assessments I show you how to improve performance, increase longevity and play pain free golf. 

Train like the professionals

Using the same tools and strategies that I implement with my professional players, I design simple and effective strategies and methods for people to incorporate into their routines that allows them to know exactly what they need to do. From pre and post round exercises, to in-season and off-season training, we dive into all the areas that will get you moving and feeling better on and off the course.

Including fitness as a service

The goal of country clubs, teams and companies is to maximize the member experience. The aim is to surround those members with the best and widest array of assets in order to improve performance and enhance the experience of playing golf. Fitness is now a part of that equation and if you are not implementing it, you are lagging behind. With years of experience training and coaching golfers of all ages and ability levels, I am able to outline for people the strategies and methods necessary to not only play better golf, but live a better life. 

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