Pre-round golf mobility warmup


Do I really need to warmup?

Simply put, yep. If you're body isn't firing on all cylinders, how can you expect your golf game to be? Taking the small amount of time needed for a proper warmup gives you the tools necessary to step up to the first tee ready to go. 

What are the benefits?

A proper warmup does the following....

-Increases blood flow

-Breaks apart tissue, knots and tightness

-Mobilizes joints needed for the upcoming task at hand

-Stimulates muscle activity

-Decreases the risk of injury

-Makes you stripe your opening tee shot center cut *unfortunately not really, but hey it's worth a shot!

How is this warmup different from what I currently do?

Let's be honest, we all don't get to the course hours beforehand, warmup properly, and work through our full bag on the range. We're not Tour pros with that kind of time. It's more like pull in 20 minutes before our tee time, head to the range, swing the club around in a circle a few times with each arm, maybe throw in a couple of full body twists here and there, smack a few balls and we're off. No wonder why it takes a few holes for you to start to feel good and in a better rhythm. 

This pre-round warmup is designed to take between 5-10 minutes and doesn't require any equipment. It will move your body in different ways and challenge certain ranges of motion. The focus is on getting the hips and mid back nice and loose and ready to go. I don't want any of you clutching your lower back on the last few holes struggling to get through. Be able to play 18, feel good, not be in pain, and improve your body and your game. 

I'm in let's do this!

Let's get you started playing and feeling better today. 

Sounds good right? Well I have something even better to tell you, how about I send you my pre-round warmup routine for FREE! Just click the link below and enjoy!