ELITE GOLF FITNESS: Your custom virtual training program


Designed to address YOUR specific needs, limitations and goals

Online coaching provides the platform for you to work with me wherever you are in the world. I use systematic, evidence based assessments and programming that focuses on optimizing movement patterns, injury prevention, and developing transferrable strength that allows you to move better, feel better, and play pain-free golf!

Why online training works

The benefits of online training are very clear and specific: you get to workout on your own time and schedule. You still receive the program, exercises and videos, and have all the tools necessary to get extraordinary results. With online training you are in communication with me to always make sure we are getting ahead of any obstacle that can occur; busy schedules, travel, lack of equipment, it all gets taken care of. You receive immense accountability, motivation and communication from me about exactly what you need to do, along with whatever support you need from me to be successful.

Details of the Elite Golf Fitness Program

-Intro coaching call to get to know each other, learn about your goals and make sure we are a great fit to work together

-Initial intake Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment and movement screen

-Customized 3 day a week workout plan

-Separate 4th day of daily mobility and recovery

-Pre-round warmup routine

-Email access to discuss questions, concerns, strategy, schedule and progress

-One 30 minute recap phone call each month to discuss highlights, successes and challenges

-Complete access to exercise video library which includes video and coaching cues for each drill to make sure your form is correct

-$250 per month

"Assess Don't Guess"

That is the fundamental principle that I base my coaching on. There is so much information out there that's it's hard to determine what is right for you. Bouncing around from one program to another or searching in a golf magazine for random workouts will not get you gradual, sustainable results. You need to analyze what you need to work on and then accurately & effectively work toward improving those limitations. That is what this custom coaching program is all about. Everything about it is specifically catered to your individualized needs. From the first intake TPI we identify your weaknesses and movement restrictions so that we know exactly what to work on. This process ensures that you see tangible results that correlate between the gym and the golf course!

Who is this program for?

Golfers! You don't need to be a pro or a scratch golfer to be a part of this program. All you need is to want to move and feel better. This program is for anyone who loves the game and wants their body to be in the best position for success on and off the course. Whether you're looking to add distance, increase flexibility or simply be able to play without pain, the Elite Golf Fitness program is your roadmap to health, improved performance and dropping bombs!


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Elite Golf Fitness custom coaching program

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