Coaching golfers to be mobile, strong and play without pain


As a fitness professional it bothers me how many people go through life in pain and discomfort. There was a time in my life that I dealt with pain and injury and it limited me from performing my best in the activities I loved most. Over time I learned about the best ways to train the body as well as teach people the reasons why fitness for golf is so important. At Coach Mike Mac we take a different approach to wellness that centers around giving you the knowledge, confidence and power to create the body and life you want on and off the course.


What really is golf fitness?

We all want to move better, hit it further and play pain-free golf. The key is to understand, assess and identify what factors limit us from doing these things. As a TPI certified golf fitness specialist I take an extremely detailed approach into looking at your movement and physical limitations. From there, we are able to correlate how those restrictions make their way into the golf swing through compensatory patterns. Through assessments, expert level programming, and knowledge of the most effective strategies to get results, you will be shown a new lens of how to incorporate fitness into your life.


How I can help you

Through initial assessments and evaluations I create programs specific to you, your goals and how you move. Proper movement fundamentals will be taught to address the need of mobility and stability in the body. Strength, speed and power all get incorporated into a well rounded program crafted to enhance your body and improve your game. No more aches and pains or post-round stiffness. It's time to improve your flexibility, build strength and get your body moving the way that it's supposed to. 

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