About Golf Fitness


At Coach Mike Mac, my mission is to coach golfers to be more mobile, healthy and strong. I strive to motivate and educate people about how to enhance their bodies and lower their handicaps.


Why golf fitness?

Golfers are athletes and therefore need to train like one. Many people seem to think lifting has a negative impact on golf. I strongly believe that the proper training only enhances play as it does in every other sport. There is no need to avoid the gym if you're a golfer because you aren't sure what exercises to do, that's why I'm here! You no longer have to play through pain or deal with nagging aches and injuries. Golf fitness is a part of the game and one that can be developed just like a short game or mental approach.


How I can help

Through initial assessments and evaluations I create plans specific to you and how you move. Proper movement fundamentals will be taught to address the need of mobility and stability in the body. Strength, speed and power all get incorporated into a well rounded program aimed to enhance your body and improve your game.

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