Golf Movement Monthly


Your chance to work with me for only $20 per month! (yep you read that right)

Golf Movement Monthly is my newest program offering which allows you the opportunity to interact with me live and receive monthly workout programs!

Not sure if you're ready to dive into a full coaching program? Looking to test the waters about how to make your workouts golf-specific? Maybe you're a fellow trainer looking for insight about training your golfer clients? The GMM has something for everyone and is an extremely low cost way to gain valuable insight, receive a ton of actionable information and get a workout plan for the month. All for only $20 a month!

Go LIVE with me:

-Access to TWO LIVE VIDEO TRAININGS with me each month via the video conferencing platform Zoom. You get an email prior to the training with a link to join and we interact live, set up chats and finish each training with live Q&A

Topic of the month:

Each month you'll receive an email with the topic of the month. This will include exercises to do and how to implement strategies in order to maximize and train effectively on a given topic

A monthly workout plan!

Every member of GMM receives a monthly training program! This program is specifically designed to make your workouts more golf-specific. We will focus on improving flexibility, building core stability and increasing speed and strength on and off the course.

People have been asking for this for a long time:

Many of you have wanted a low cost, entry level way to work with me and receive my programming. Well here ya go! I created GMM as an online virtual platform to educate, inspire and coach you about the best ways to train for golf!

Who is Golf Movement Monthly for?

Anyone looking to gain insight and knowledge about how to improve their fitness and training for golf. Weekend warriors, club champs or other fitness pros looking to broaden their reach into the golf fitness space. Our live trainings will dive into methodologies, tactics and strategies to put your body in the best place to succeed and perform on the course!